Putting in to get out.

I've been at this for a year, in a professional sense, and I've learned so much about the industry but today proved to me that there's more to it than just putting up pretty pictures every day. 

Today schadefox.com replaced my usually free URL and within half-an-hour of posting that I bought a domain, I got those likes and follows that I've been begging for since January. 

I get it now. I have to show that I'm willing to put in more than I think I want to get out. I have to show to the agencies and editors that "Hey, I'm serious about this!" 

Talent and work ethic can only take you so far... You have to show commitment. You have to "pay your dues." 

Agencies and editors will see that you are serious about this and invested in yourself. They'll see how you are investing more than just time and effort into your craft. 

It's not cruel or unfair, it's an evolution. You start out as a little guppy and just keep doing more and more till you reach your next level. 

I'm still humbled by and grateful to the people who've helped me get here. 

My heroes, my friends and my fellow creatives. All of them push me to do better. 

This year has been a humbling and wonderful learning experience. 

I'm excited for what 2018 holds. 

Keep pushing, Keep working and keep kicking! 

Sasha Richards.