Pro tip 1: Hoarding information.

Hey Little Bugs. On our journey's to being our best, we accumulate knowledge. One awesome tip is to assemble all the documents, pages and bits and bobs of knowledge you gather into you "art bible." You can keep it as digital or print it out and keep it in a flip file.

This bible can contain tutorials of software or how-to's and what not's. Mine's about 150 pages by now and includes how to draw adventure time, how to draw gumball, how to make a children's book... so much.

The thing is, this Bible is yours. You decide what to put in it. It helps you. Another important tip is to keep at least three journals.

Sketching is great but to write down thoughts, ideas and stories will help you be a better artist.

Good art (just as good science) is good observation.

Good observation relies on good notes.

So go on, compile your art bible and write down more.It'll help you be a better creative.

As always, be humble, honest and hardworking.