Thank you.

It's been a month since my birthday and... a year and two months since I've started this wonderful journey into the world that is Children's book illustration. I joined an agency, I've got the website running and I'm making a name for myself. But there are things that must be said. Thank you to each and every person who helped me get here. Thanks for all the likes, follows and shares. Thanks for every person who gave me advice. You have all been so amazing! I seem to say "Thank you" a lot in my life and I consider that a great gift. As long as you can say thank you, you are still alive, still being helped, still appreciated and still relevant.

Be grateful, humble, honest and honourable. So... As a thank you. I'm planning to post a few more helpful hint articles, videos and images. I'd like to give back where I can. I'll need your help with the topics and that's why I've got a post on Patreon you, my Little Bugs, can comment on and tell me what you want to know.

You can follow me there and comment or, use any other Social media link up there to get your voice heard! Remember: this can only work if you help so make your voice heard!

Thank you my Little Bugs!

Keeps kicking!