Starting YouTube!

Many of you may have been annoyed into watching or may have been persuaded but... YES, I have started doing YouTube videos!

Let me tell you one thing! It has been Nerve-wracking, exhausting and tiring but oh, so rewarding. I started with a simple speed paint but then, the bug hit. I had to sit and write a script. I found a topic I loved and rolled wit it. Recording was a blast!, Maxi helped... more like she distracted me and made me laugh... I have 5 minutes of footage of me laughing at her. Alas, I cut and edited and added sounds...

So, I'm taking two weeks break to do some real work, to write material for my "how to get started in watercolour and Gouache" series and to do some personal projects too. I'm sure my Agent needs some new stuff. I'm loving this journey that I've been on. And I am thankful to every one who has helped me.

Stay humble, honourable and hardworking!