2019: The year of calm.

Welcome to 2019 Little Bugs. I wish us all success, happiness and good health. So, I've made it one of my goals to remain calm during 2019. Now... I don't mean to be lazy and not achieve anything, but to be calm. It is my plan this year to get as much of my goals met but to do so calmy and stress free. To do that, I would need to put in a bit more than I usually do. I have to organise my time better. I've started habits like adding every single thing that needs to be done into my Google Calendar. I'v also downloaded a handy app called Sectograph by Laboratory 27 that visually helps me keep track of my time and tasks.

It's wonderful to use all these amazing apps and to plan time for tasks, but you have to commit to it. you have to force yourself to create and uphold habits that will help you live a better life. So, I've dedicated Sundays to consolidating and organising. I put schedules and tasks for the week together and I force myself to stick to them as best as I can. Sure, there are 'oopsies' but you have to just, calmly, wriggle around them. leave time for mistakes and unplanned events and also... Most important is time spent with loved ones and to relax. So, lets all develop and nurture good habits this year. Let us live our most productive, efficient but healthy and happiest life from 2019 onward. Thank you to everyone still supporting me and to new Little Bugs... welcome and enjoy. Stay humble, honest and honourable. Schadefox out!