About Sasha Richards

South Africa based Illustrator Sasha Richards, grew up in a country and culture that values storytelling. Everywhere around her was vibrance and colour and she endeavours to bring that brightness into her art. With scribbly lines and scratchy textures she creates illustrations that you want to reach out and feel. 


She has illustrated wonderful stories that inspire, entertain and has left readers in love with the characters and worlds she wove together with pixels. She is focused on igniting a love for reading and learning in everyone who encounters her work.


NB Publishers, Lingua Franca Publishers, Book Life Publishers, 


Have you ever wondered where the bad guys from fairy tales end up? Look no further than The Tale Jail – a super-secure prison housing a group of inmates from Captain Hook to the Big Bad Wolf. Unfortunately for everyone else, they don’t plan on sticking around for much longer…

Book Life Publishers

en ander maats met leeueharte

Ingonyama en ander maats met leeueharte is a collection of modern and unpublished (new) short stories for Afrikaans FAL children in Grades 4–6 and is compiled according to the CAPS curriculum requirements. This collection may be used to encourage bumbling readers to able themselves to read with more self-confidence in the Senior Phase.

Best Books/ NB UItgewers

A fun and educational kids book series that celebrates Africa and its various countries,

landscapes, traditions and more. This six-set series celebrates the beauty of Africa through

the main character Sena and his magical teddy bear, Katlego.

When Sena closes his eyes and rubs Katlego’s nose, he can magically visit anywhere in Africa

that he imagines.

Sena and Katlego go on an adventure to South Africa, Egypt, Chad, Ghana, Uganda and


Carol Ofori - Lingua Franca Publishers

This easy to read rhyming children's picture book follows a cheerful little girl who loves to dance.  

Varaidzo Owuyo 

‘Danny visits Doctor D’ is an educational book written by a paediatrician which is aimed at children 3 to 6 years of age. The story was written to help your child overcome the fear of visiting a doctor. The book includes child-friendly text to encourage early reading, and has fun, full-colour illustrations throughout. 

Quickfox Publishing